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In 2013, Bishop wanted to form a place where anyone who has a voice, a mic, and something to say could come and produce the podcast of their dreams. The goal is simple, to give anyone the tools to come in and make the best podcast around about the game or genre that they love. With help from his friend’s, Bishop is doing exactly what he loves to do. Giving people a voice to discuss the the topics that are important to them. Along with the help of Kestra, Don Burrito, and others True Podcast Media is here for you. We welcome you to our site and hope to stay for the shows and discussions. Join us in the IRC chat room or on Teamspeak, let us know how we are doing or if there’s something you would like to hear.

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Keep On Trekkin'

KOT focuses on all Star Trek Online and general Star Trek news. Tune in each week at 7pm Eastern time for the live show!!

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Gamers Unleashed

Gamers Unleashed focuses on everything console from old school to new cutting edge games. Gamers Unleashed is here with ALL the news!

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Wake Up!!

Wake up gives you the chance to hang out with Bishop and Kestra and talk about the things that interest us all.

Check out the Latest Episodes of our podcasts and blogs below!!

  • Wake Up!!

    Ep. 1 - It's Blepic!

    This week with Kestra feeling a little under the weather we asked one of our favorite Gamer Girls to join us: Mama Ripley. On our inaugural episode of the new show we sit around and talk about new and interesting articles that we find its a perfect way to start your Sunday mornings.

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